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20 Different types of sarees in india

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20 Different types of sarees in india

Woman is the most beautiful creation of the God, And Indian females are regarded as the most beautiful in the world. The traditional wear of Indian women Sarees increases the beauty of a female, Its the most sensuous outfit that makes a female attractive and charming. The Indian woman of all ages prefers to wear sarees in the favorable occasion of her life. Fashion keeps on changing, but saree is only the attire which never changes, but only its fabrics, pattern and colours keep on changing over time and trends. There are numerous traditional style of Saree available in the Indian market, but every women wants to add these most beautiful sarees in their wardrobe.

Different Types Of Sarees In India

20 Different types of sarees in india

1. Banarasi Sarees
2. Georgette Sarees
3. Chiffon Sarees
4. Linen Sarees
5. Crepe Sarees
6. Mysore Silk Sarees
7. Kora Silk Sarees
8. Organza Sarees
9. Tussar Sarees
10. Kanchipattu Silk Sarees
11. Ikkat Silk Sarees
12. Uppada Silk Sarees
13. Katan Silk Sarees
14. Gadwal Silk Sarees
15. Kuppadam Silk Sarees
16. Chanderi Sarees
17. Paithani Silk Sarees
18. Bandhini Sarees
19. Chikankari Sarees
20. Kalamkari Sarees

Banarasi sarees is probably the most beautiful Indian saree made in Banaras now known as Varanasi, the holy city of India. Saris from Banaras are regarded as one of the finest saris in India and specially known for heavy work of gold and silver brocade or zari and embroidery. Banarasi sarees aren’t only a traditional attire, but a symbol of pride, happiness, union, and celebration for Indian women.

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Silk sarees are probably the most attractive Saree of India and much popular among the Indian women. Its known as paat in eastern India, pattu in southern India and Resham in Hindi. Silk sarees are well famous not just in India even all over the world for its design, printed fine texture, vibrant colours and Embroidered around. These beautiful saris are used throughout the wedding or festival celebration in the most part of south India. Silk sarees are famous from Mysore silk sarees, Kanchipuram silk sarees, Ikkat Silk Sarees, Uppada Silk Sarees, Kuppadam Silk Sarees also available in different variants like Printed Silk, Cot Silk, Raw Silk and Pure raw silk.

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Chanderi Sarees is among the most favored saree of Indian women, made with mix of silk and cotton. Due to very lightweight and easy to carry, its become probably the most ideal and first choice of India woman. Chanderi small town located in Ashok nagar district of heartland of India called Madhya Pradesh. It’s also famous for its brocades and muslin. Famous sarees from chanderi are Silk chanderi saree and Cotton chanderi silk sarees.

Ikkat Silk Sarees Katan Silk Sarees Khaddi Georgette Sarees Latest Organza Cutwork Sarees (5) Pure Wrinkle Crepe Plain Sarees (2)

Tussar Saree – The famous attire from the state West Bengal, Bengali Sarees are vibrant in colour and constantly easy to handle for any kind of occasion. Tussar Saree is famous for its lightness, transparency and comfort and available in a broad range of design, colour and style in the Indian market.

Bhagalpur linen Sarees has a strip of un stitched fabric from 4 to 9 metre in length, which helps to wrapped over the body in various style.

Pure Silk Linen Floral Sarees (20)

Kora Sarees is one of finest saees and gives a royal look to a Indian woman. To buy thease sarees at siri designers

Kora Silk Sarees

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