How to start upvc window factory business

Now a days maximum upvc window business started with the experience before they are worked in upvc doors and windows manufacturing company. So they will know every thing about upvc window business. But with out knowing about upvc window and doors also start this business By knowing here.

how to start
For how to starting upvc door and window factory you must be know below points.

This upvc window factory business start investment with 20 lacks and 1 core also by depending on requirement like daily 20 windows capacity and 100 windows capacity also.

1. Profit percentage

Every business before staring we have to know profit. Because main reason of starting business is profit. Now a days In this upvc window business margin percentage is 10%-15%. Before few years it should be above 20% but now heavy competition decreasing percentage day by day.
How to know profit is 10%-15% because of starting upvc window factory
By knowing what materials used for window like
a. upvc profiles
b. Steel reinforcement
c. Glass
d. Hardware
e. Fabrication and Installation cost ( Man power, Rent, Power bill, more)

upvc window factory business

2. upvc Machinery

For Machinery investment purpose it will be 10 lacks to 50lacks by depending on machinery.
if China machinery it will come 10 lacks to 20 lakhs.
a. Double head profile cutting machine
b. Router machine
c. Drain slot machine
d. Double head Welding machine
e. corner cleaning machine
f. Bead cutting machine
g. End milling machine
This is the basic machinery list. For this Around 10 laks required. if we increase machinery specification then cost will be increase like
Four head welding m/c
CNC corner cleaning m/c
If you choose German machinery then cost is very high.

upvc machinery
Konw about upvc before start.

Many individuals would have heard about Polyvinyl chloride pipes as they’ve been used worldwide. Nevertheless, even though not many individuals know about it, UPVC has been around for several years, however, in the latest past, they’ve accumulated world wide recognition. The primary reason behind the success of the UPVC window factory are the fact that upvc windows very flexible to design. For home and offices it gives that distinctive feel. UPVC is made of un polyvinyl chloride, a type of polymer that was created in the last century.

Benefits of upvc windows

The Polyvinyl chloride is very flexible, this is then leveraged through distinctive formulation to create the UPVC which became the biggest part of many windows and doors all over the world. No need for extra protection while transporting that makes the process simpler and cheap. UPVC materials does not corrode at all. This makes them ideal for doors and windows even when they’re coming in contact with lots of water, even sea water. Their inability to corrode implies that they’re very good in extreme climate conditions. UPVC windows require very minimum cleaning. UPVC material does not let the dust to settle down, instead, they fall off which suggests the need to clean them is reduced significantly which helps save resources.

They’re very economical, even more than wood or aluminium meaning that they can be installed where and when necessary without worrying about the budget. They come in various shapes and colours. This may be very useful to bring out the designer within you. Now you can tell farewell to dull common colors and create designs with different colors for your home and offices. They’re very useful to regulate temperatures inside houses and offices. They can keep the interior areas cooler in summer and warmer during winter that makes them a must want for any office or home. UPVC windows are reinforced with galvanized steel meaning that they provide better security than wooden & aluminum windows.

Galvanised steel makes the windows so sturdy that it becomes difficult for anybody to break open the windows which is always a good option with regards to security.

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