Types of windows and designs for houses in india

Choosing among the various types of windows and styles is just one piece of the window buying puzzle, but it is an essential piece. Sure, you need to comprehend the technical things such as energy efficiency, but before you even go there you first need to first choose the kind of window that you would like. Should it be doubly hung or casement or some other type? Then there is the style to consider. Do you prefer a 12 lite pattern, coloured glass or some other style characteristics? A lot of articles and web sites lump the terms of windows types and window styles together to mean the same thing.

Below are Types of windows for houses in india

4 types of windows for house styles

1. Wooden windows
2. GI windows
3. Aluminium windows
4. Upvc windows

Wooden windows

wood is commonly used for windows, and almost major types of wood can be used to fabricate windows. Different types of wood available like Teak wood, Rose wood, Walnut, Mahogany and more. Now a days wooden windows are using very less because of cost, maintenance,  less availability, taking more time to fabricate.

GI windows

GI windows are fabricated from roll formed sections made of galvanized iron. These sections are powder coated or galvanized color coated.

Aluminium windows

Aluminium windows made by extrusion aluminium sections, these sections can powder coated or anodized.  As per Aluminium sections sizes, thickness and design price will vary.

Upvc windows

upvc (un-plasticized poly vinyl chloride), now a days most of windows are using by upvc. why because less maintenance, The material comes in a range of white color mostly.

This web page takes a different view in that the kind of window defines its functionality whereas window style speaks to its aesthetic form. The right kind of window affects the livability and functionality of your home in india. Windows are extremely stylistic and have a significant impact on the overall aesthetic appeal of your home. To make good window selections consider the kind of window that best suits your requirements. But do not forget about style and how windows impact not only how your house looks from the outside, but how it looks and feels on the inside as well. Comprehending the distinction while keeping both in mind may help you make the right overall choice.

The Types Of Windows for houses At Your Disposal – There are a number of window types that you could choose from and each one has its particular attribute that distinguish it from other types of windows. On one hand it might seem like they are all the same, just different shapes. There is obviously some overlap, but there is a reason why there are specific types of windows houses as casements, sliding and double hungs. Utilizing the right window in the appropriate situation makes for a much more efficient and functional space, whether it is your kitchen, family room or bathroom. As you read the details about the various kinds of windows you will see that one type could be a better choice than another in a certain location in your home.

window designs

18 Types of door and windows Designs

1. Sliding windows
2. casement windows
3. Sliding doors
4. Casement doors
5. Bay windows
6. Balcony doors
7. french windows
8. French doors
9. Ventilators
10. Top hungs
11. Fixed windows
12. Arch windows
13. Combination windows
14. Angle windows
15. Bathroom windows
16. Tilt and turn windows
17. Lift and slide doors
18. Folding Doors

Sliding designs have horizontal and vertical sliding. In that there are several window designs of sliding windows and doors. two track two setters, two track three setters, two track four sash, three track three panel, three track six panels with mosquito mesh for all designs available
Casement designs Like single open, double open, three open, four open and many openings. Some people called as single hung, double hung like..
Fixed windows designs single fixed, two partitions, three partitions and many

At the following info the term sash pertains to the framework that holds the pane or panes of glass together. The sash is movable in operable windows and stationary in fixed window designs. Single \/ Double Hung Window – Single and double hung windows consist of two doors with one installed above the other. A single hung window has one movable sash and one fixed sash. Both sashes are movable in a double hung window and slide over one another. These windows work well in almost any application in a home. Today’s technology makes them simpler to use and much more efficient than their older predecessors. One benefit is they do not use the outer space like a casement window with a swing sash.


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